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2011-01-26 20:11:11 by PuzzlePiece14

My computer should be fixed by this weekend, and I'll be going full speed ahead with the game. I hope that you'll all play it, I hope I can get it on NG, but if I can't I'll give a download link. Thank you all for support and what not <3

Timeline- Summer 2010

2010-06-29 03:57:38 by PuzzlePiece14

July 16- Planning For FSSL Begins


2010-06-12 07:15:28 by PuzzlePiece14

Well I just finished figuring out how to use Corel and I've drawn about 6 pictures and 2 avatars XD
Probably gonna do some drawings of sprites and stuff kinda like sds



2010-06-03 22:16:23 by PuzzlePiece14

(For those of you who know of PuzzlePiece14, this one chick shit on his heart, and he kinda left the internet forever, and gave me his newgrounds account because it has alot of achievements :D)

Okay, so newgrounds, yeah. Fun.
Here is a dancing AIM icon to amuse you.